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PICList Thread
'[AD]: PIC Programmer Wanted'
2012\07\25@132117 by jim



We are looking for a PIC programmer that is fluent in "C" and/or
"ASSEMBLY" to write firmware to that will
interface to a mixed signal ASIC.  The pertinent parameters are listed
below.  If interested, please email
me at with your qualifications, and compensaton
requirements.  All responses will be
reviewed by myself and the engineers on the project, and a choice will
be made.  I will email all who responded
to let them know the outcome.

If anyone has any questions pertinent to this request, please email me
and I will do my best to answer them.

Job Outline

Job Description
Digital Sensor Product group is looking for a Microchip PIC programmer
contractor to develop firmware to interface with an Application Specific
Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and power control/monitoring using HIGH-TECH
ANSI C compiler or Assembly.  
The applicant will be independently responsible for results, but will
work closely with the test engineer and electronic board design
Final products and source codes will be property of INOVA Geophysical
Required Skills
       Experienced in Microchip PIC firmware development using HIGH-TECH ANSI
C Complier or Assembly.
ASIC interface task
•        PC interface to PIC processors through RS-485
•        Each with its own programmable address
•        Commands sent from PC is in a format of block which contains
multiple bytes (details are in PIC requirements doc)
•        Commands that solicit no response can be broadcasted to all PIC via
common address
•        Response from PIC is sent back in format block (details are in PIC
requirements doc)
•        Command to enable power and programming voltage to sensor board
•        Command for ASIC startup and recovery sequence
•        Command reading and writing ASIC EEPROM
Power control and monitoring
•        Same command structure as ASIC PIC
•        Command to read and write voltage and current limits
•        Command to read instantaneous, minimum, maximum current and voltage
using PIC A/D converter
•        Automatically turns power off to sensor board that exceeds limit



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