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'[TECH] CFL vs incandescent vs LED'
2012\04\04@142841 by YES NOPE9


CFL don't seem to last longer than incandescent

2012\04\04@145244 by Bob Blick

On Wed, Apr 4, 2012, at 12:28 PM, YES NOPE9 wrote:
> CFL don't seem to last longer than incandescents

Yes and no. That article takes the worst-case(or close to it) in a way
the CFL marketing takes the best-case scenarios. For instance, he
compares them to "long-life" incandescents. I know long-life
incandescents. The light is horrible from them. And they don't last as
long as they claim either.
CFL bulbs are also very complicated, and have electrolytic capacitors in
them. 1500-3000 hours is what I usually get. Incandescents last about
500-1000 hours in the same branch circuit.
I have some CFL's in recessed fixtures, and if I run them during daytime
in the peak of summer, I know they are in a world of hurt. That is a
I also use them in a droplight that I use working on the car. The only
time I have to replace one is when I drop it from a good height onto the
cement. A regular incandescent bulb will last a few days at best in a
droplight. I'd have to use a rough service bulb if I wanted to use
incandescent, with their extra expense and poor quality light.
Incandescent bulb light output decreases with time. Perhaps differently
from CFL, but the article doesn't mention that.

So the article makes some points, but I like CFL. I definitely have more
light and less heat. They do pay for themselves compared to
incandescents. Not like the marketing would suggest, but my experience
is nothing like that article.

However, I look forward to LED's or whatever is next.

Best regards,


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2012\04\04@175102 by Dwayne Reid

At 12:28 PM 4/4/2012, YES NOPE9 wrote:
>CFL don't seem to last longer than incandescents

My experience with CFL bulbs is somewhat different than most, I think.

I lucked out when I started purchasing CFLs from Canadian Tire - they had bulbs from Noma (the Christmas-light people) and they just seemed to work.  By 'seemed to work', I mean that I treated them just like incandescent bulbs and they worked just like incandescent bulbs.  Instant ON with absolutely NO warm-up time whatsoever.

Each of the two upstairs bathrooms in my current house had 8-bulb fixtures with a mix of 40W and 60W bulbs.  I replaced all those bulbs with 16- 9W Noma bulbs and got essentially the same amount of light as the original bulbs.

Same with the rest of the fixtures in the house - I replaced every incandescent bulb except for those in the refrigerator and oven - and 4 ceiling light fixtures that each used 3- 40W mini Fat-Albert bulbs each.  Those stayed as pairs of 40W incandescent (I removed one bulb from each fixture) until I replaced them with triples of LED bulbs a couple of years ago.  But something in and about 25- 60W and those 16- 9W bulbs got changed out over the course of a weekend.

We were in the house for a couple of months before I started the bulb conversion process - this gave us a pretty good baseline for power-usage comparison.  We saw an instantaneous power reduction of about 45% in the following months.

Our heat and hot water comes from Natural Gas.  The other electric loads (besides lighting) is the electric stove, clothes washing machine and dryer, fan motor in the furnace and all of the electronics and such.

All those bulbs got changed in the winter of 2006.  I have replaced one of the two outside bulbs twice and changed the single bulb in the kitchen from 25W CFL to 40W CFL since then.

The 16- 9W bulbs in the bathrooms are all still working well.  None have failed since being installed in 2006.

I can't get the Noma CFL bulbs from Canadian Tire anymore and have started purchasing CFL bulbs made by Phillips and others.  Quite frankly, they suck. I'm just not used to that two minute or so warm-up period.  On the other hand - I *do* like the color temperature (daylight instead of 2700K).

All in all - I'm really happy with my incandescent-to-CFL conversion.


-- Dwayne Reid   <>
Trinity Electronics Systems Ltd    Edmonton, AB, CANADA
(780) 489-3199 voice          (780) 487-6397 fax
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