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'[PIC]: 12c508/509 I2C inefficiency'
2000\06\16@053941 by D Lloyd
2000\06\16@070822 by mike
2000\06\17@080518 by Peter L. Peres
2000\06\17@120536 by J Nagy
2000\06\17@134826 by mike
2000\06\18@095638 by J Nagy
2000\06\18@120327 by Marc
2000\06\18@125213 by mike
2000\06\18@171219 by Peter L. Peres
2000\06\18@183240 by Andrew Warren
2000\06\19@033904 by D Lloyd
2000\06\19@072843 by mike
2000\06\20@170854 by Peter L. Peres

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